Lip filler with hyaluronic acid

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Lips to a woman are crucial in the expression of femininity and harmony in general, especially if she has a beautiful and sweet face. Thin or non - symmetric lips are completely non - harmonious even to the cutest and most attractive faces. Who wouldn’t want to have full, seductive and sensually - shaped lips like those of Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian? Nowadays, hyaluronic acid injections performed by experienced professionals give lips the desired grace and sensuality in full harmony with the nose, chin, cheeks and the rest of the face.
The hyaluronic acid is not a synthetic product but a natural substance of the organism connective tissues. It can be found mainly in the skin, cartilaginous tissues, tendons, aorta walls, umbilical cord, etc. Therefore, there is no risk of infection, local inflammation or granuloma formation, which would otherwise be frequent complications in cases of application of synthetic fillers (see also "Hyaluronic Acid"). The injection can be easily performed under the skin at the epidermis area, or even in deeper layers so as to fill the lips by giving them the desired shape. The procedure is performed by applying a very thin and non - traumatic needle, and the result is immediate.
Oftentimes, the applied hyaluronic acid contains also local anesthetics in order to reduce the pain which is in any case easily tolerable. An anesthetic cream (EMLA) can also be applied 30 minutes before the procedure in cases of sensitive people or people who wish to further minimize the pain. After the injection, the hyaluronic acid is slowly absorbed and gradually metabolized by the subcutaneous tissues (hyaluronidase enzymes) without any side effects to the human organism. The achieved visual effect usually lasts 4 - 8 months, depending on the product, the characteristics of each individual person as well as the season (during the summer the effect is shorter due to high temperatures). Due to the above, it is advisable to initially repeat the treatment 2 - 3 times per year. If the procedure is repeated periodically, the effect lasts longer, up to 8 - 12 months. Due to the safety and guarantee of the hyaluronic acid application, nowadays it is one of the most recommended products in Europe and the United States by the international associations of plastic surgeons and the scientific community.

The treatment of skin deformation can also be performed with other SYNTHETIC products such as the liquid SILICONE, AQUAMID, RADIESSEetc, which have permanent or long - lasting effects. Since these substances are recognized as foreign by the organism, there is an often present risk of ALLERGIC REACTIONS, INFECTIONSsubcutaneous LOCAL INFLAMMATIONS, GRANULOMASand PERMANENT FACIAL DEFORMATIONS. Therefore, KEIT® REFUSES THE APPLICATION OF SYNTHETIC MATERIALS in aesthetic treatments, in full compliance with the highest standards of professional ethics and in full respect of people’s health.
KEIT® applies high - quality hyaluronic acid which is produced by the most renowned Austrian (CROMA - PHARMA GmBH,, American (Allergan®, and Italian (IBSA Pharmaceuticals Italy, international brands.