Fat reduction, UltraShape Contour

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The human body has a variety of shapes and dimensions. Obviously, each one of us has different predisposition to deposit and accumulate adipose tissues in various areas of the body. Therefore, the fat accumulation in certain areas may be excessive and difficult to be reduced through traditional means such as regular alimentary regime and physical exercise. The treatment with UltraShapeTM Contour is the ideal solution for all men and women who wish to effectively remodel their bodies without surgical interventions. Through this modern equipment, KEIT® offers the opportunity of fat elimination in an entirely non - invasive way by combining three technologies: ultrasound, radio - frequency, and vacuum. The results of this method, which has been already proven as safe and efficient, are visible within 2 - 4 weeks. The cooperation between aesthetic surgeons and technology experts has rendered possible to develop such a modern machine which, through acoustic waves (ultrasound), selectively destroys the fat cells without affecting the skin, blood vessels, nerves, and other surrounding tissues. The organism’s natural processes metabolize and eliminate the fat (triglycerides) released by the destroyed adipose cells (see also the “Illustrative Video”). Thereon, the combination of radio-frequency and vacuum lifts and stretches the skin to adapt it to the underneath healthy tissues. These three technologies, already safely and efficiently applied for many years in other fields of medicine, are being widely applied in aesthetics too  (see also the “UltraShapeTM Contour”).
The UltraShapeTMtreatment is comfortable, painless and does not require anesthesia. It is performed by qualified personnel under ambulatory regime and can last in average 30 - 60 minutes, depending on the areas to be treated. The focalized ultrasound does not cause any burns, hematomas or complications. There is no post - treatment recovery period; normal everyday activities can be immediately resumed. The results are long - lasting because the fat cells are definitely destroyed and cannot recover (see also ‘Liposculpture”). The safety and guarantee of the UltraShapeTM treatments have been proved and controlled by several clinical studies. According to the conclusions of such studies, the side effects are very rare, slight, and there is no need for other joint therapies. In any case, it is strongly recommended to follow a balanced alimentary regime during the treatment period and afterwards also, in order to preserve the achieved outcomes. The body areas which are suitable to be treated with UltraShapeTM are usually the belly, waist, and thigh sides. After a full cycle, the perimeter will be reduced by 2 - 3 cm (reduction of one clothing size). It should be noted that not all people who have fat deposits in different areas of the body can be treated with optimal results through the UltraShapeTM Contour. The indication must be careful and usually this procedure is recommended to people with moderate fat deposits located at the belly, waist, and thigh sides.

The UltraShapeTM Contour treatments are performed at the KEIT® clinic under the ambulatory regime. As a first step, the interested person will have a preliminary consultation session with our expert. The doctor will explain the procedure in details; thereon he will carefully assess the areas to be treated, the potential outcomes, side effects, contraindications, etc. After determining the skin area to be treated, the person lies comfortably in a special bed. A computer camera is placed at a standard distance from the body area to be treated, and the UltraShapeTM Contour computer, depending on surface dimensions and depth of the fat layer, precisely calculates the number of ultrasound waves that the machine must produce. After applying the conductive gel, the treatment session continues with gentle touches of the skin with a round transductive device which transforms the electrical energy of the machine into ultrasound energy.
Each transmitted impulse destroys the membrane of the fat cells deposited under the skin. The camera continuously monitors the position of the transductive device and the body of the person under treatment; meanwhile the computerized system monitors the entire procedure and shows the areas that were already treated and the areas to be treated. Such system guarantees uniform and homogenous outcomes all over the treatment area previously determined. After the ultrasound, the radio - frequency and vacuum probe is applied over the treated areas in order to lift and stretch the skin and adapt it to the underneath healthy tissues.