UltraShape™ Contour

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UltraShapeTM Contour is a modern machine which makes possible the non - invasive removal of the subcutaneous fat and cellulite based on a combination of ultrasound, radiofrequency and vacuum technologies, without surgical interventions or hospitalization. The ultrasound and the radiofrequency have been already effectively applied for many years in medicine in full safety. This system uses the Vertical Dynamic Focus (VDF), with focused high - power pulsing ultrasound flashing which destroy the fat cells immediately and once and for all, without increasing the body temperature. In this way, it becomes possible toremodel and reduce fat cells accumulated in the abdominal area, hips, thighs, etc. These techniques are applied on an outpatient basis without a need for hospitalization, while the post - treatment recovery is immediate. It has been already proved that after puberty (14 - 16 years), the human body does not produce fat cells anymore. When people gain weight, there is an increase in the volume of fat cells and not their number.

UltraShapeTM permanently destroys fat cells and enhances the shape and silhouette of the body. A weight gain after this treatment is associated with an "enlargement" of the remaining cells, but there is no accumulation of new cells that were present prior to the procedure causing a deformation of the body shape. The results of the UltraShapeTM treatment are long-term, in cases of adherence to a regular alimentary regime. This computerized system, according to some algorithms, preliminarily determines the three - dimensional map of the treatment area and calculates the amount of ultrasonic energy needed to obtain an optimal result. This machine produces pulsing ultrasound that focuses and precisely attacks the fat cells through a special probe. These flashing waves converge in a limited deep space, causing the mechanical (non - thermal) destruction of the adipose cells.

The accuracy and safety of the treatment are also guaranteed by a touch sensor, integrated in the surface of the probe, which continuously provides information to the computerized device. Moreover, the monitoring system – which is updated in real time by the software of the three - dimensional orientation – ensures a complete and homogeneous distribution of the energy thus resulting in a complete and uniform remodeling of the body. The strikes are selective and painless, and this device does not allow hitting the same area more than once. In addition to the ultrasound system, UltraShapeTM Contour is also equipped with the technologies of radiofrequency and vacuum which are applied before or after the ultrasound treatment. Through a special probe, the skin is treated in order to increase the blood flow and prepare the tissues prior to the ultrasound procedure. The system combines two bipolar radiofrequencies in a single probe, enabling the application of radiofrequency volumetric thermotherapy at different tissue depths.

The surface effect of skin toning and lifting is combined with the increased lipolysis caused by the in - depth radiofrequency. The same probe also exerts the vacuum effect which pulls the skin during treatment with radiofrequency. The purpose of the vacuum suction is to lift and sift the skin tissues in order to allow the radiofrequency energy to achieve a more efficient thermal heating of the subcutaneous tissues. The vacuum application after the procedure of UltraShapeTM Contour works as an endodermic - connective massage to facilitate the venous and lymphatic drainage of fat released by the destroyed adipose cells.

The clinical studies have shown the immediate destruction of fat cells while the other skin tissues, blood vessels, nerves, and surrounding connective tissues remain intact. The fat released from the destroyed adipose cells is absorbed by the blood flow and the lymphatic system, thereon it is metabolized by the organism physiological mechanisms the same way it occurs during weight loss through dieting. The results of scientific publications have shown that the triglycerides (fats) are not accumulated in significant quantities in the blood and do not pose a problem for the hepatic metabolism.

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