Lazer fractional CO2

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 The fractional CO2 treatment restructures and restores the damaged skin and makes it look younger and more beautiful. This technique of aesthetic medicine is a safe and non - invasive procedure when performed by experienced specialists. It helps enhance the skin surface by: opening and enlarging pores; erasing dark spots; reducing wrinkles around the eyes and acne scars; rejuvenating and refreshing the neck, décolleté, and hands; it can also be applied to erase certain types of tattoos. Even stretch marks (skin fissures) can be reduced to a certain extent, if they are still at an early stage (which means when they still have a reddish - pinkish color). Unfortunately, the aesthetic medicine, as of yet, does not offer any effective treatment when stretch marks develop into a light color. An old picture can be restored at any pixel using computer programs. The fractional CO2 Laser worksusing the same principle to regenerate and improve the skin texture by hitting the several irregular fractions with thousands of microscopic light strikes.
The Fraxel transmits thousands of thermal columns deep in the skin in order to eliminate the old pigmented cells in the epidermis. The dermis deepest layers are targeted as well. Eacharea to be treated is intensively hit in fractions while the surrounding tissues are left intact. The skin recovery after this type of specific and fractionated treatment is much quicker as compared to the recovery after total treatment (the old methods of laser treatment).
This way, the normal organism healing process is promoted. Due to this natural process, the damaged skin is replaced by new and healthy tissues.
The Fraxel is an equipment of high quality and advanced technology. It allows the application of typical "skin resurfacing" treatment, which can also be applied through the traditional laser equipment. Yet, the Fraxel provides for trauma - free and painless treatment with a very quick recovery. The traditional laser works to provoke a small skin wound which is then regenerated into a younger, more graceful and more beautiful look. The modern Laser fractional CO2 equipment works through the same mechanism, but it is much less traumatic. Through a special optic fiber handle, thousands of microscopic holes – which remain intact and unharmed – are created under the surface layers of the epidermis.
This way, the several tissues containing blemishes, wrinkles, acne scars, etc, are gradually replaced by new healthy tissues. Other advantages of this modern equipment include the painless treatment (without a need for local anesthesia) and the quick recovery (within 24 hours, not 4 - 6 days as in the case of traditional laser). The Fraxel does not cause traumas of the epidermisand therefore the treatment is free of complications. Womencan wear make - up very soon after the treatment, while men can also shave almost immediately. The return to work and normal life is immediate and non - traumatic. This modern equipment now makes it possible to apply laser treatments during summer and it is recommended for all ages (see also "Laser fractional CO2 treatments").