About KEIT®

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Dear Friends,

For the first time in Albania, we are pleased to present an Italian aesthetic surgical team that operates in the field of aesthetic surgery, plastic - reconstructive and aesthetic medicine. Our attention is focused as always on the body, its beauty, and the physical aspects of every person, while keeping in harmony with what nature has granted. When we look at today’s man, he often stop just to only observe clothing - but not to give attention to improving his physical appearance which is a very important status. We are deeply committed to looking at each person on an individual basis, as we dedicate ourselves in assisting you in reaching your perfection of beauty and at the same time respecting personality, desires and aspirations while maintaining the uniqueness of each person.

KEIT® is not aiming only at improving the perfection of every detail, but above all, the harmony of the human body as a whole. Our main goal and objective is to nourish your soul by simply adorning your body and enhancing a person's self - esteem. For this reason, our complete staff of expert Specialists with years of proven skills and experience , are available to take care of YOU with the utmost dignity, confidentiality, respect and care. With humanity, reliability and professionalism, KEIT® promise the best results for each surgery and aesthetic treatment. Get ready for a life changing experience - we are here to help!



D. Skerdilajd Faria PhD
eneral Director of KEIT