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Overnight stay at the clinic is required after surgery. While bed resting during recovery, it is advisable to frequently move the ankles by flexing the calf muscles. It is also recommended to stand up and walk from the very first day after the surgery. Pain is usually slight and in most cases it is not necessary to use analgesic drugs (painkillers). In some cases, application of drainages is necessary. They are then removed within 24 hours. According to KEIT® protocols, the first wound treatment is performed 2 - 4 days after the surgery and then after each 3 - 5 days. Suture threads are removed after 7 - 14 days. Treatments and check - ups by the KEIT® surgeon will be ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE.
It is recommended to rest for not more than 24 hours, nevertheless standing up and having short walks is beneficial. Depending on the applied surgical technique, small edemas and hematomas might persist for 1 - 2 weeks, as well as slight pain or discomfort and feelings of tension at the operated area during movements. It is advisable to rest after the intervention and avoid physical strain for 7 - 10 days in order to prevent stretches of the surgical wounds. Light sporting activities can be resumed in 3 weeks, while for more intensive sports (skiing, tennis, football, basketball, sailing, swimming, diving, etc) it is preferable to wait at least 6 - 8 weeks. Driving can be resumed in 2 - 3 weeks and sexual activity gradually in 3 weeks. Hematomas and edemas in most cases disappear within 2 weeks. After undergoing the gluteoplasty intervention, you must be very careful to avoid certain specific positions for at least 15 days. If deemed necessary by the surgeon, a specific belt must be worn for 3 - 4 weeks after the operation. It is recommended not to sleep on your back for at least during the first two weeks. Starting from the first post - surgery day, you can sit down in some specific positions.

Appropriate planning of such an important decision, such as your aesthetic surgery, consists in minimizing complication risks which are very rare (less than 1%) and duly treated and resolved in full competency by our staff surgeons and anesthesiologists.
KEIT® aesthetic surgeons will be extremely careful in preserving the aesthetic harmony of the entire body. Therefore, they will not recommend exaggerated buttocks shapes which are not appropriate to the anatomical - aesthetical feminine concepts. Our staff members bring a multi - decennial experience and special guarantees as to the achievement of the highest European standards. The priority of gluteoplasty is an “as natural as possible” intervention so that outcomes will be long - lasting. Each individual person has different physical and tissue features thus outcomes of each surgery are different as well.
 We invite you to see other before-and-after pictures of gluteoplasty surgeries performed by our staff surgeons.

Why you should choose KEIT®:
  • Competitive rates, rete payments, 0% INTEREST.
  • Italian aesthetic surgeons with ten years experience and high professional competence.
  • Perform operations in private clinics with high standards in Albania.
  • Maximum respect the CONFIDENTIALITY and PRIVACY of any person. Eventually, offer the possibility of operation in prestigious clinics in Rome.
  • Each person will be treated regularly after surgery to complete his healing and recovery.
  • Anesthesia staff specializing in Italy which guarantees the optimum progress of the operation.
  • Full guarantee on purity, sterility, very small percentage of complications.
  • MODERN, high quality materials, the most prestigious international brands.
  • Aesthetic treatments with optimal results according to the highest European standards.

"KEIT® offers the possibility of payment in installments with INTEREST 0% first year
  and very favorable conditions the coming years, at no extra cost to you."