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The duration of the gluteoplasty surgery varies from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the applied techniques, areas to be treated, and type of reconstruction. Two surgical techniques are applied for this operation:
– This technique is particularly recommended when there is sufficient fat quantity in other areas of the body. The fat is taken through suction from the waist, thighs, or knees, and then it is processed and injected into the buttocks area in order to give proper shape and dimensions. The main advantage of this technique consists in the exclusive application of the natural material of the human organism itself. The main disadvantage is related to the unpredictability of the fat quantity that is properly absorbed. In fact, a considerable number of the injected fat cells are unable to survive and therefore are eliminated by the organism. Usually, the necessary fat quantity for an effective augmentation is at least 200 - 600 ml for each buttock side. Given that only about 50% of the injected fat is properly absorbed, the majority of people who wish to have the buttocks reconstructed do not have the necessary fat quantity to achieve an optimal outcome through this technique only.  
ProsthesesIn a majority of cases it is necessary to apply special prostheses of silicone gel, similar to the breast prostheses, but with different consistency, shape, and dimensions. This technique is recommended when you wish to have your buttocks augmented but do not have sufficient fat quantity to achieve satisfactory outcomes through lipofilling only. The result will be even more aesthetically beautiful if you have tonic muscles and vigorous and elastic skin. The silicone prostheses are specific for the buttocks and more solid compared to breast prostheses. They are inserted at the upper area of the gluteal section in order to avoid discomfort when sitting down. The technique is performed through a sole and small vertical incision of few centimeters on the upper area of the line which divides the two large buttocks muscles. The scars of this operation are very thin and entirely invisible.