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 Depending on individual features and applied surgical technique, the face lifting operation lasts 1 - 3 hours. Upon surgery conclusion, overnight stay at the clinic is a must. During the consultation session with KEIT® surgeon, if requested, you will be explained the surgical technique intended for application in your specific case. The incision is performed at the skin area covered by hair, and then descending down along the anatomical skin side in front of the ears, so that cicatrices will be invisible. After the incision is made, the skin is separated from the deeper tissues. The skin is then lifted and the excessive parts removed. In some cases it is also possible to tone up the relaxed muscles. At the end of the operation, sometimes it might be necessary to apply drainages in order to accelerate the disappearance of edemas.

Pain is not particularly severe and will be mainly felt during the first night after the surgery. It can be easily managed through routine analgesic drugs (painkillers). Sometimes you might feel a kind of discomfort at the incision areas as well as some changes to skin sensitivity. Such discomfort usually disappears within a few weeks. The scars created by this surgical intervention are minor and almost totally invisible because they remain hidden by the hair and the skin sides in front and behind the ears. In rare cases, an incision below the chin might be necessary to enhance the neck skin. The face lifting surgical intervention can be combined with mini - liposuction in the neck area to achieve the general lifting enhancement. Surgical lesions are covered with bandage for a few hours to avoid creation of edemas and hematomas.