Post - Surgery

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Post - surgery pain is not particularly severe and will mainly be felt during the first night after the operation. It can easily be managed through routine analgesic drugs (painkillers). While bed resting during recovery, it is advisable to frequently move the ankles by flexing the calf muscles. It is also recommended to stand up and walk from the very first day after the surgery. While full recovery to everyday normal activities is possible in 2 - 4 days, edemas and hematomas in and around the mentum area can last from 7 to 12 days. During the first post - surgery month it is necessary to avoid exposure to potential traumas (caused for example during sport activities such as volleyball, basketball and football). In cases of chin reduction performed through a fracture of the lower jaw, it might be necessary to consume liquid foods for some days, then gradually reverting to normal eating habits. 

Treatments and check - ups by the KEIT® surgeon depend on the surgical technique applied and individual body reaction. Usually the first check - up is performed 2 - 4 days after the surgery and the second one after 6 - 8 days. The suture threads are absorbable thus not removable. The service of post-surgery checks and treatments will be ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE.

Appropriate planning of such an important decision as your aesthetic surgery consists in minimizing complication risks, which are very rare (less than 1%) and duly treated and resolved in full competency by our staff surgeons and anesthesiologists. KEIT® aesthetic surgeons will be extremely careful in preserving the aesthetic harmony of the face and therefore will not recommend exaggerated surgical interventions, which are not appropriate to the anatomical-aesthetical human concepts.
Our staff members bring a multi - decennial experience and special guarantees as to the achievement of the highest European standards. The priority of this surgical intervention is the creation of an “as natural as possible” nose so that outcomes will be everlasting. Each individual person has different physical and tissue features thus outcomes of each surgery are different as well.

We invite you to see other before - and - after pictures of mentoplasty surgeries performed by our staff surgeons.