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In order to decide on the surgery, the surgeons of KEIT® conduct a very careful preliminary analysis of the facial features because the jaw and the reconstructed chin must be harmonized especially with the cheekbones, nose and lips. An ideal chin does not exist and paradoxically, even a chin which is perfectly suited to the beauty canons can be disharmonious on the “wrong” face. In such case, it can create adverse effects, especially when the applied surgical technique fails to create harmony between the chin, nose and lips. Sometimes it is necessary to accompany mentoplasty with a nose (rhinoplasty) or lips intervention, because all these facial features are especially important for the female look. Such surgery is advisable to women and men alike.
The mentoplasty outcome is permanent and can be performed from the age of 16 - 17 years in cases when the development of facial bones has been completed.
During the first consultation session, the KEIT® surgeon will illustrate in details the objectives and feasible aesthetic enhancements. KEIT® experts will also asses your health condition to exclude potential diseases or blood coagulation and skin scarring problems which might adversely affect the final outcome. In addition to the aforementioned, you will be given precise information about the use of different drugs, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. You must first undergo some further examinations such as cardiac examination, lungs radiography, and standard blood and urine tests. Upon obtaining all examination results, you will have a consultation session with our anesthesiologist to finally assess the overall health condition and decide on the options related to the surgical intervention.

We suggest that you do not forward unfeasible requests to our experts, but rather engage in an open and informative conversation. You will be notified of the type of optimal treatment in your specific case based upon the multi decennial experience of KEIT® experts and the latest developments of aesthetic plastic surgery, thus guaranteeing the best outcome possible. There are several solutions for each aesthetic problem made possible by the latest progress and state - of - the - art technology. After taking into consideration your expectations, the KEIT® aesthetic surgeons will advise the best solution in achieving the desired outcome. The final goal is the reconstruction of a NEW CHIN, harmonic and generally proportional to your face. It requires expertise and talent to beautify people’s looks. KEIT® experts will carefully examine your face, desires and aspirations because WE ARE THE SCULPTORS OF YOUR BODY.