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Special surgical adhesive straps will be placed at the end of the surgery as well as an elastic bandage around the head which will be removed after 24 hours. The first checks and wounds treatments are usually performed after 2 - 4 days. You must be careful not to fold the ears and not to put them under physical stress. It is recommended to sleep with the face up position during the first five nights after the operation. Recovery to normal everyday life is immediate, the next day after the surgery. Ears will be flushed and mildly swollen for about one month after the procedure, gradually reshaping to their final appearance in 3 - 4 months. Treatments and check-ups by the KEIT® surgeon depend on the applied surgical technique and individual body reaction. Such service will be ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE.

Appropriate planning of such an important decision, such as your aesthetic surgery, consists in minimizing complication risks which are very rare (less than 1%) and duly treated and resolved in full competency by our staff surgeons and anesthesiologists.
KEIT® aesthetic surgeons will be extremely careful in preserving the aesthetic harmony of the face and therefore will not recommend exaggerated surgical interventions which are not appropriate to the anatomical – aesthetical human concepts. Our staff members bring a multi-decennial experience and special guarantees as to the achievement of the highest European standards. The priority of this surgical intervention is the creation of “as natural as possible” ears so that outcomes will be everlasting. Each individual person has different physical and tissue features thus outcomes of each surgery are different as well.

We invite you to see other before-and-after pictures of otoplasty surgeries performed by our staff surgeons.