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The anesthesiologists of KEIT® staff prefer to perform local anesthesia or mild sedation for this surgery. Local anesthesia is performed through some small skin injections of anesthetic drugs, thus guaranteeing numbness and lack of pain at the intervention area. Sedation is a state of somnolence or somehow deeper sleepiness induced by drugs and continuously controlled by the anesthesiologist depending on the surgery’s type and duration. 

In this case, the combination of both techniques guarantees a safe performance of otoplasty procedures. The advantages of the combination of local anesthesia and sedation compared to general anesthesia consist in the use of a very small quantity of drugs during the intervention, while at the same time keeping the patient in a more physiologically normal state and at normal respiration, without using special devices which provide respiration during general anesthesia. After sedation, the use of last generation drugs allows for a prompt and non - traumatic awakening, without dizziness or vomiting, and an even quicker recovery of patients as compared to recovery from general anesthesia.