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Otoplasty surgical procedure is relatively short and usually lasts from 40 minutes up to one hour and a half. Duration depends on the necessity to intervene on one or both ears and upon the applied surgical technique. When performed by experienced hands, otoplasty is a very easy procedure, free from contraindications, and performed through local anesthesia or local anesthesia combined with sedation.
The surgeons of our staff apply the minimally invasive technique through which it is possible to reconstruct the whole outer ear without leaving any visible scars. Incisions are performed at the rear side of the ear.
A thin skin strap is removed after folding and reconstructing the cartilage. Thereon, the auricular cartilage is reconstructed and repositioned through several incisions. At the end of the procedure, sutures are performed with very thin threads which are usually absorbable thus not removable. Wound scars remain only at the rear side of the ears and are entirely invisible. The intervention is not painful and recovery is prompt. Usually this surgery is performed under the day hospital regime so it is not necessary to hospitalize and stay overnight at the clinic.