Varicose Veins

The varicose veins of the lower extremities are a common pathology which becomes aesthetically more visible during summer when the veins tend to swell more than usual. The aesthetic problem is related to the superficial veins (mostly of the lower extremities) which enlarge and remain swollen. This pathology is often inherited and is exacerbated by overweight, pregnancies, sedentary life and old age. In addition to the superficial varicose, there are also secondary varicose veins caused by the phlebitis of the inner leg veins. This pathology is chronic, very common in the industrialized countries and affects predominantly women, while in men it is mainly related to professional reasons (affecting those men whose jobs require lengthy standing such as barmen, waiters, etc).

The weakness of vein walls (miopragia) is often inherited. It makes the veins swell under the blood pressure. This pathology is benign but often creates aesthetic as well as functional problems due to the abnormal blood flow from the extremities towards the heart (venous stasis). Some people might suffer from swelling, itching, heavy legs, burning or contractions (cramps) at the calves. In cases of superficial varicose veins, the latter appear as thick dark and contorted blood vessels under the skin. The signs of chronic venous insufficiency are apparent as well, such as dyschromia, peripheral edemas, hyper - pigmented areas and eventually ulcerous cicatrices. People suffering from inner varicose veins usually have thin legs with visible skin telangiectasia (small dilated capillaries). The symptoms of such pathology are similar to those of chronic osteoarticular pathologies such as arthritis, etc, which can aggravate the venous insufficiency. Dyschromia, hyper-pigmented areas, atrophic white spots, varicose eczemas, and eventually ulcerous cicatrices appear on the skin.

This pathology can be exacerbated and degenerate in venous and skin ulcerations and varicose phlebitis. The latter are thrombosis of the varicose veins which cause pain along the legs. In addition to clinical checks, a very important examination for the diagnostication of varicose problems is the Echo - Colour - Doppler which is also useful for the planning of the medical and surgical therapy. The symptomatology and potential complications call for a therapeutic program for the treatment of this pathology, including drug treatment and surgical intervention. 

KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend this operation in cases when:

  • Varicose veins are visible and create aesthetic problems,
  • There are varicose complications such as venous insufficiency, thrombosis, phlebitis, skin ulcerations, etc.

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