Thigh Lifting

Is it possible to have perfect legs that are resistant to the aging process? Is it possible to have thin and tonic legs, without sagging and wrinkled skin? The most important factor to consider is the tonicity of tissues, especially of tissues of the inner thighs which tend to relax and sag. It is a particularly critical area because deformations and thigh-skin flaccidity, especially at the inner thighs, can appear even in young ages due to genetic factors, lifestyle, sport activities, etc. A strong diet or quick weight loss can cause flaccidity and drooping of the thighs skin even in young women (including 18 - 20 years old), thus creating problems and troubles in the everyday life such as redness and bruising at the friction areas. Over time, infections and skin lesions in thighs start to appear in some cases. Such infections are difficult to be treated with medications or antibiotics. Fat deposits and excessive skin in thigh areas cannot be eliminated through dietary means and therefore become persistent problems for the affected women. This imperfection is not necessarily related only to overweight but also to loss of tone and elasticity which can happen in persons with normal weight because aging process and gravity imprint their marks on each of us. The aim of thigh lift surgeries is the reconstruction and reinvigoration of your legs, especially at the inner parts. This intervention is often combined with the reinvigoration of buttocks, or the potential reconstruction of groins, waist, and belly.

KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend thigh lifting in cases when:

  • Thighs are flaccid, stretch marks are visible, or skin is excessive and wrinkled due to genetic construct or effects of the gravity and aging process,
  • The inner parts of the thighs are sagging due to large and quick weight loss.

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