The face, with its harmony, beauty and sensuality greatly determines peoples’ looks and their social life presentations. This is especially true for women, man as well. A youthful and fresh face with striking and sleek skin makes men look younger thus enhances self - esteem, mood, temper, as well as relations with women and society in general. Long exposure to sun, everyday stress, bad eating habits, gravity effects and aging process - all imprint inevitable signs on the face and neck. Such signs are manifested through wrinkles which mostly appear around the eyes and between nose and lips, through sagging of cheeks, and through formations of fat deposits mostly located on the chin and neck.
Face lifting, often known as the surgery of facial rejuvenation and revitalization, is one of the most demanded interventions of aesthetic surgery. Through this procedure it is possible to eradicate wrinkles and remove excessive fat, reposition facial muscles, and lift the face and neck skin. There is no age limit for the performance of such surgical intervention. Most people, who approach the aesthetic surgeon, are between 40 - 60 years old, but face lifting can be performed very successfully to older people of 70 - 80 years of age. The ideal candidates for this operation are those men, whose faces have started to manifest relaxation signs but whose skin still retains good elasticity.
Face lifting can be combined with nose and eyelids reconstruction, removal of eyelid bags, or other operations in different body parts. This particular and delicate surgical intervention must be performed by experienced hands. If the aesthetic surgeon has enough talent and sufficient experience, the results are excellent and the face regains the look and youthfulness of many years before. Many famous politicians like Silvio Berlusconi and celebrities like Ornella Muti have benefited from the outcomes of such surgery.
KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend this type of surgery in cases when:

  • The face has visible wrinkles in the forehead, cheeks, neck, around the eyes, etc,
  • The face has excessive and drooping skin in the area of cheeks, jaws and neck,

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