The beauty of the eyes often determines the aesthetic charm of the entire face of women and men.
A beautiful eyesight, full of light, life and optimism, makes us look younger, stronger and of course more intelligent. The eyelids skin is thin and transparent, therefore much exposed to the aggression of inner and foreign agents. Thus, this is the most fragile and delicate part of the face. Aging, continuous and excessive exposure to sun rays, genetic predisposition and sometimes stress, can all cause eyelid looseness which is manifested with excessive amounts of upper eyelid skin and formation of “bags” in the lower eyelids. Loose eyelids and bags can also cause loss of peripheral vision in addition to affecting the physical aspect of the entire face and making eyes look tired, dark and lifeless. Such imperfect features are often caused by genetic factors and therefore correction through aesthetic surgery can be advisable from a young age.
Blepharoplasty is an aesthetic surgery aimed to “lighten” eyesight by precisely intervening through the natural eyelid line in order to remove bags, excessive skin and fat without leaving any visible scars. Such surgical intervention, as well as any other aesthetic treatment which results in optimal outcomes, significantly ameliorates women’s self - esteem and optimism. Famous celebrities like Hillary Clinton and Melanie Griffith have approached the aesthetic surgeons to remodel eyelids and to freshen up the face in general. Theoretically, outcomes can be everlasting, but depending on age at the moment of operation and physiological causes of aging process, outcomes will usually last 10 - 15 years. Blepharoplasty will restore your fresh and charming face and eyesight while significantly improving peripheral vision.
KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend the blepharoplasty procedure in cases when you have:

  • Bags around the eyes created by accumulated fat,
  • Excessive upper eyelid skin or loose eyelids which hamper vision and create the impression of tired eyesight,
  • Puffy eyelids due to aging or family heredity.

Why you should choose KEIT®:
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  • Italian aesthetic surgeons with ten years experience and high professional competence.
  • Perform operations in private clinics with high standards in Albania.
  • Maximum respect the CONFIDENTIALITY and PRIVACY of any person. Eventually, offer the possibility of operation in prestigious clinics in Rome.
  • Each person will be treated regularly after surgery to complete his healing and recovery.
  • Anesthesia staff specializing in Italy which guarantees the optimum progress of the operation.
  • Full guarantee on purity, sterility, very small percentage of complications.
  • MODERN, high quality materials, the most prestigious international brands.
  • Aesthetic treatments with optimal results according to the highest European standards.

"KEIT® offers the possibility of payment in installments with INTEREST 0% first year
  and very favorable conditions the coming years, at no extra cost to you."