The nose is one of the most visible parts of the face, greatly affecting its harmony, beauty, and sensuality. Many celebrities have approached aesthetic surgeons to reconstruct their noses. Amongst them, we can mention Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Megan Fox etc. Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to improve the nose’s aesthetical appearance by thoroughly respecting its proportions and harmony. In addition, this type of surgery can correct functional nasal defects in order to improve respiration. This procedure is useful in creating symmetry between the different facial looks, and ensuring a beautiful profile while preserving the natural shape of the nose. Such aesthetic surgery often involves a strong psychological sensitivity since it eliminates a visible defect, which oftentimes causes insecurity and low self - esteem.
The modern rhinoplasty concept greatly differs from past invasive techniques. According to past, traditional canons, rhinoplasty meant a general and often excessive diminution of the nasal structural anatomy. As a result, the reconstructed nose was non - proportional and unsuitable to the facial somatic features. The state - of - the - art rhinoplasty, which aims to achieve the most natural result possible, is concerned above all with respecting the functional integrity of the human organ (optimization of nasal respiration) while aesthetically enhancing the nose. The small dimension and the central position of the nose in the facial physiognomy, transform this surgery into one of the most complicated aesthetic plastic surgeries. Therefore, this especially delicate surgery must be performed by experienced specialists since damages inflicted by irresponsible surgeons are difficult to rehabilitate. Unfortunately, such deformations due to irresponsible surgeries remain lifelong, entirely visible and practically impossible to remedy.
KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend the rhinoplasty procedure in cases when:

  • The nose is very large and disproportionate to the facial physiognomy,
  • The nose is ridged, awry, or aquiline,
  • The nose is asymmetrical because of previous fractures,
  • The nasal tip is large, down-bended, or particularly visible, compared to the rest of the nose,
  • Previous rhinoplasty surgeries have failed to achieve satisfactory results.

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