Genital Organs

Even in Western countries where a more opened and “modern” mentality prevails, the different medical and also aesthetical problems affecting the genital organs are oftentimes embarrassingly discussed with the gynaecologist or the aesthetic surgeon. In fact, such organs are the most intimate body parts for which people must preserve a very particular confidentiality and privacy. Yet, the psychological burden of potential defects in the intimate body parts, often hidden by many women, can frequently cause problems with the partner, thus affecting the couple’s harmony. Sometimes, the “aesthetic defects” of the intimate areas become a motive of deep psychological torment which might even lead to refusal of sexual activity or seclusion of women from society.

One question arises: Can a particular shape of the genital organs be considered as a defect? The anatomy of the feminine body is very diverse and therefore the change in shape and dimensions of the various parts, including the genital organs, makes it impossible to clearly and firmly classify or standardize the aesthetical limits. It should be noted that, with the exemption of congenital “aesthetic defects”, other factors such as pregnancies, changes in body weight and natural aging process cause changes in shapes and dimensions of the intimate areas. Nowadays, these aesthetic problems can be solved through surgical procedures which aim not only to generally enhance the aspect of feminine genital organs, but also intensify the physical pleasure during sexual intercourse. KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend the reconstruction of the genital organs in cases of various deformations or undesirable appearance.

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