The “B” side of the woman has always been and will always be a symbol of her beauty and pride. Its sensuality will always attract men’s eyes. Round and toned buttocks are more and more considered not only as a symbol of femininity, but also as a sign of youthfulness and fit physical shape. Aesthetically, sagging buttocks make legs look shorter, thus affecting the grace of the entire body image.
A large and sudden weight loss, but also gravity and natural aging process are the main causes for the loss of buttocks tonicity. The genetic inheritance also plays a significant role in giving shape and tonicity to buttocks muscles. In such cases, flat and side-wide buttocks which may be a feature of the female body since puberty, cannot be enhanced and corrected only through physical activity. Therefore, and especially nowadays, there is an ever increasing attention to buttocks reconstruction by aesthetic surgeons also.

The gluteoplasty as a new technique of aesthetic surgery has been first applied in Brazil. In this country this technique has progressed to achieve its maximum development and perfection. It is often necessary to apply a double aesthetic intervention on the buttocks. In addition to the undesirable accumulation of cellulite, this area is often affected by another aesthetic problem, the flaccidity of skin and tissues. KEIT® surgeons, on a case - by - case basis, decide to perform this operation through a combination of techniques. If the quantity of fat needed for reconstruction is sufficient, the gluteoplasty is applied through lipofilling or lipostructure. In other cases, the operation is performed through the application of last generation specific prostheses, often combined with lipostructure. 

KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend gluteoplasty in cases of:

  • Flat buttocks, insufficient buttocks volume, or buttocks that are disproportionate to the rest of the body,
  • Flaccid buttocks due to sagging or aging process,
  • Visible asymmetry between the two buttocks sides due to several factors.

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