The ideal of feminine beauty is unconceivable without a flat belly with vigorous and tonic skin. Beautiful shoulders, breasts, buttocks, or legs, lose their charm altogether if the belly skin is fatty, wrinkled, flaccid, or has stretch marks. Many women wear one - piece bathing suits to cover their bellies, or avoid sunbathing at all because of aesthetic problems that might be present at this central body part. A flaccid, sagging and fatty belly is often a result of sudden and significant weight loss, pregnancy, or simply an unhealthy lifestyle with physical passivity and bad eating habits. The anatomical structure of the belly area tends to sag and as a result the muscles are not capable to hold its weight. A prominent and sagging belly significantly affects the human physical aspect, thus causing discontent in women and men alike. Physical traumas caused by pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding have some very negative effects in women who might end up losing their self - esteem. In such cases, satisfactory results cannot be achieved through dietary means and physical activities only.
In cases of women who have experienced significant weight loss, the only solution to get rid of excessive skin is the aesthetic surgery. The most usual problems are as follows: Skin sagging is the lesser degree of belly deformation which can also affect young people, and mostly affects women in certain cases after delivery. In such case, the excessive skin is concentrated mainly in the area below the navel in both sides of the belly. Skin sagging combined with muscle flaccidity is the most serious situation. In such case, the belly is particularly sagging. The rectus muscles which hold the central structure of the abdominal wall are dissected and flaccid. The skin is sagging and has excessive fat.

The aim of abdominoplasty (belly plastic surgery) is correction of deformed and sagging belly by removing the excessive skin and fat and by giving back tonicity to the abdominal muscles. The total abdominoplasty includes the surgical reconstruction of the sagging and fatty belly by removing excessive skin and fat, as well as the reconstruction of the navel and plastic intervention and reinvigoration of the abdominal muscles. In 30% of the cases, belly deformation is located in the area below the navel and consists in not so large skin and fat excess combined with an initial weakening of the abdominal muscles. In such cases, the traditional abdominoplasty technique is exaggerated compared to the problem that needs to be corrected, while liposuction only (suction of excessive fat) is not fully effective. The best technique is the intermediate way, the so called mini - abdominoplastywhich is less invasive than total abdominoplasty and more complete and effective than liposuction. This technique is performed through an incision at the bottom part of the belly without intervention at the navel area, thus leaving a smaller cicatrice. Recovery after this operation is quicker compared to total abdominoplasty.

In those cases when abdominoplasty is combined with removal of excessive fat through liposuction, the so called lipo - abdominoplasty, the technique allows for the removal of excessive skin and fat at the belly, buttocks, and thighs areas
  (see also “Liposculpture”).

KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend abdominoplasty in cases when:

  • The belly has sagging skin folds with fatty tissues,
  • The belly is sagging and flaccid because of one or more pregnancies, or as a result of large and sudden weight loss,
  • The muscular structure and belly skin are relaxed and flaccid due to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle and physical passivity.

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