Hair Transplant

Hair is very important for the physical appearance of people. Hair loss affects the entire look of the face and makes it lose a good part of its former grace. Dense and vigorous hair makes men look younger and more handsome.
The premature hair loss affects predominantly men, but it is even more problematic when affecting women, while causing loss of self - esteem or psychological depression. Hair grows, falls and gets replaced per a natural physiological cycle, and therefore we should not worry if we find hair in the comb after combing since they will be replaced with new and vigorous hair. When hair loss starts, it is usually a progressive rarefying as the growth of new hair is reduced and the new hair is shorter and shorter as the hair roots get smaller and smaller. Although hair loss can be classified in several categories, depending on factors and progression, over 70% of men older than 30 are affected by inherited androgenic or seborrhoeic hair loss. This is caused by a congenital (genetic) sensitivity of hair roots to male hormones. Stress and excessive dandruff production are also negative factors. Hair loss starts slowly and gradually, initially at the forehead area and then stabilizes. Hair loss does not usually result in total baldness; there are always areas full of hair left, especially in the backside of the head and the temporal areas. In some cases, the hair loss will spontaneously stop. The main causes are related to immunological system, stress, high body temperature, childbirth (women), surgical interventions, severe deficiency of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts, some types of drug treatments, etc.

Women as well can experience such problems over time and aging. Hair can rarefy physiologically, and sometimes women might also suffer from androgenic hair loss which is often inherited. Compared to men, this loss is slower and more gradual, but hair loses density in more head areas. The main cause of this problem could be related to the eventual hormonal disorders due to wrong diets, breastfeeding, menopause, stress, some drug treatments, ovarian and suprarenal glands pathologies, or even the excessive effects of male hormones on the head skin. In some cases, the treatment of this aesthetic problem could be initially attempted through the use of several drugs in order to decelerate or stop hair loss altogether.

Hair transplant can be applied to reduce the hairless areas and to enhance the aesthetical look. This procedure aims to increase the hair density and consistency in certain head areas. The hair is moved from the back side of the head (donor site) where hair is denser, to the bald parts (recipient site). The transplant is not recommended in those cases when the bald areas are too large and the back side of the head (donor site), where the hair strands shall be removed for transplant, has insufficient quantity of hair. It is recommended to undergo hair transplant after 24 - 25 years of age when hair loss has been already stabilized.

KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend the hair transplant procedure in cases when:

  • There are hairless areas in the front side and upper side of the head,
  • There are areas with scarce hair (the procedure aims to densify such areas).

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