The breasts have a crucial role in giving beauty and charming grace to a woman’s body. Full and vigorous breasts are always associated with youth and health, and at the same time arouse strong sexual attractions in men. Sometimes, as a result of genetic inheritance, some other times and more often due to the aging process and other factors, breasts have a drooping and sagging tendency. This phenomenon can also occur in young women as a result of pregnancies and breastfeeding. Under the hormonal impact during pregnancy and later on during breastfeeding, breasts undergo significant growth and enlargement. Breast skin is stretched and strained, thus gradually losing its elasticity as a result of increased weight. After termination of breastfeeding and hormonal stimulation, breasts start shrinking and depleting. The skin, which is already stretched and non - elastic, cannot be as supporting as before and cannot regain its former tonicity and elasticity. As a result, breasts become sagging and flaccid and stretch marks appear. A sudden and excessive weight loss can cause the same problems, like pregnancy. Gravity and woman’s gradual body changes due to the aging process are other factors which progressively cause such imperfections.
This problem can be corrected through the breast lifting, surgery. This intervention consists in the removal of excessive skin and lifting of breasts in their natural position so as to regain originality and beauty. Breasts are reconstructed and breast shape is improved in order to enhance the aesthetic look. As a result, breasts will look younger, more vigorous and more beautiful, thus the female body will regain its former youthfulness and bloom.   

KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend this operation in cases when:

  • Breasts are drooping and sagging and the breast skin is excessive,
  • Breasts are flaccid and depleted because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, sudden and excessive weight loss, exaggerated development during adolescence, or aging process.

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  • Each person will be treated regularly after surgery to complete his healing and recovery.
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  • Full guarantee on purity, sterility, very small percentage of complications.
  • MODERN, high quality materials, the most prestigious international brands.
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