Reduction Mastoplasty

The breast is the most typical feature of the female image. Full and vigorous breasts are always associated with youth, health, strong maternal instinct and at the same time arouse strong sexual attractions in men. As girls grow up and their bodies develop, especially during puberty, breasts enlarge quickly during a short period of time. If this growth is proportional, it will represent one of the most graceful aspects of the feminine body. On the other hand, an excessive breast size does not only affect the aesthetic look, but very often also creates psychological, physical and functional problems. Breast hypertrophy, especially if severe, can cause not only aesthetic, but also several functional health problems such as: painful skin stretches, slouch and deformations of the spine, inflammation and aches of back muscles, skin infections and eczemas. Furthermore, breastfeeding often becomes difficult or impossible at all because during pregnancy the large breasts become even larger as a consequence of hormonal stimulation.

There are pure breast hypertrophies as a result of mammary glands increase, especially during the adolescence period, as well as mixed hypertrophies when gland tissues are surrounded by excessive fatty tissues, or exclusively fatty hypertrophies which are related to obesity or overweight. In such cases, in order to achieve aesthetic, psychological and functional enhancements, it is necessary to undergo the reduction mastoplasty procedure, a surgical intervention which is recommended even before 18 years of age and does not affect breastfeeding. Breast diminution consists in reasonable reduction of its excessive size and reconstruction of the other tissues which means repositioning of glands, areolas and nipples. The outcome of this surgical intervention is EVERLASTING.

KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend breast reduction in cases when:

  • Breasts are too large and disproportionate to the rest of the body,
  • Breasts are heavy and flagging, areolas are downward, and back pain is inflicted as a result of overweight.


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