Breast augmentation

The breast is one of the most important and typically feminine parts of a woman’s body. Starting from puberty, the body development and breast augmentation clearly show that a young lady is no longer a child. Feelings of inferiority towards friends can arise if breast augmentation is delayed or if breasts do not reach the proper size. Full, lovely and vigorous breasts make a woman look younger, prettier and more sensual, and at the same time arouse strong sexual attractions. Thanks to most advanced and sophisticated surgery techniques, the outcomes of breast augmentation, are becoming more and more natural, thus satisfying an ever increasing number of women all over the world. This surgery consists in the application of special prostheses in order to reconstruct the breast size and shape and achieve natural outcomes in terms of look as well as touch.
The prostheses applied during this surgical intervention are filled with cohesive silicone gel, a safe material which guarantees a pleasant anatomical breast shape and a very natural tactile feeling. Nowadays, after 30 years of research and experience in millions of surgerys, the outcomes of last generation prostheses are absolutely guaranteed (see also: Breast Prosthesis). The duration is considered to be life - long (in accordance with the woman’s age at the time of intervention). Therefore, the natural breast anatomy will not be affected, while the changes caused by the aging process might induce seeking another reconstruction and eventual prostheses replacement, but not earlier than 10 - 15 years after the first intervention. In any case, most women are satisfied with the outcomes even 30 years after the operation. The last generation prosthesis profiles guarantee natural results in terms of shape and consistency, while their presence is invisible. It has been already scientifically proven that breast augmentation intervention and prostheses application
do not increase breast cancer risks, do not change the integrity of mammary glands, do not impair breastfeeding, and do not affect the functionality of organism’s immune system.
The breast augmentation procedure is feasible after the completion of the normal physical maturation and therefore, in general, there are no contraindications after the age of 18 - 20 years. In cases of lactation, interventions might be performed at least 9 months after termination of breastfeeding in order to avoid size and shape changes of the mammary glands. KEIT® staff, in full compliance with the most ethical protocols of social responsibility in aesthetic surgery, REFUSE TO PERFORM SUCH SURGICAL INTERVENTIONS ON MINORS.

KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend this surgery in cases when:

  • You have small breasts and are not satisfied with overall the appearance,
  • Breasts have different size and shape,
  • Breasts are depleted and downfallen because of weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or aging process,
  • Previous interventions performed by other surgeons have resulted in unsatisfactory outcomes or low-quality prostheses have been applied.

Why you should choose KEIT®:
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  • Italian aesthetic surgeons with ten years experience and high professional competence.
  • Perform operations in private clinics with high standards in Albania.
  • Maximum respect the CONFIDENTIALITY and PRIVACY of any person. Eventually, offer the possibility of operation in prestigious clinics in Rome.
  • Each person will be treated regularly after surgery to complete his healing and recovery.
  • Anesthesia staff specializing in Italy which guarantees the optimum progress of the operation.
  • Full guarantee on purity, sterility, very small percentage of complications.
  • MODERN, high quality materials, the most prestigious international brands.
  • Aesthetic treatments with optimal results according to the highest European standards.

"KEIT® offers the possibility of payment in installments with INTEREST 0% first year
  and very favorable conditions the coming years, at no extra cost to you."