The chin, as well as any other part of the face, greatly affects people’s beauty and the general harmony of the human look. The deformation, or in other words the excessive enlargement or diminution of such part of the face generally creates a strong comic sense even in caricatures. A normal - looking face cannot be conceived without full harmony between the nose, cheekbones, lips and chin. It is the combination of facial features, each one in its own peculiarity, which makes a face beautiful, and a real physiognomy of what is concealed deep into peoples’ souls. A disproportionate mentum, or in other words a prominent or recessive chin compared to the lips and nose, is often the cause of face deformities thus non - pleasant looks. Such defects can be corrected through the surgical procedure of mentoplasty, an easy operation in terms of surgical technique when performed by experienced hands and at the same time effective, in order to achieve face aesthetic harmony. The modern mentoplasty concept greatly differs from past invasive techniques. According to past traditional canons, mentoplasty meant a general and often excessive reconstruction of the chin anatomy. The state - of - the - art mentoplasty, by reducing or enlarging the mentum shape and dimensions, aims at achieving the most natural result possible while aesthetically enhancing the chin in full respect of overall face harmony and people’s gender identity. In addition to the aesthetic enhancement, this surgical intervention significantly improves self-esteem and relationships with partners or society in general. 

KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend the mentoplasty procedure in cases when:

  • The chin is excessively prominent and disproportionate to facial physiognomy,
  • The chin is recessive compared to the upper jaw,
  • There are asymmetries or visible chin deformities.

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