Ears, although not centrally positioned in the face, are an important part of the charming image of a woman. Several deformations or malformations can affect one or both ears. Such defects usually consist in malformations of cartilage which stands uninflected, upright and flat. As a result, ears are prominent and have an abnormal appearance compared to head shape, neck and face. Such congenital defect, often observable in women, does not impair the organ functionality but creates a sharp aesthetic problem. In some cases the aesthetic problem is created by deformed earlobes, such as fissures caused by earrings, or congenital malformations of earlobe shape and size. In an attempt to hide these problems, women have a tendency to cover their ears through long hair from young age, thus covering and hiding the charm of neck and shoulders. Moreover, ear malformations and deformations make it impossible to wear earrings, or in other words one of the most beloved ornaments of women’s jewelry. Self - esteem will often suffer, starting from a young age and getting worse as girls reach adulthood.
Otoplasty is the aesthetic surgery intervention aimed at correcting prominent ears or reducing the size of abnormally large ears. This surgery, when performed by experienced hands, provides a very satisfactory and scar-free correction of malformations and deformities, especially prominent ears, by reconstructing ears and creating harmony and natural proportions to head and face. Depending by the case, it might be necessary to intervene in one or both ears. Surgical techniques might change from one to the other ear. This surgery does not have any adverse effects on hearing.
KEIT® aesthetic surgeons recommend the otoplasty procedure in cases when you have:

  • Prominent or protruded ears,
  • Asymmetries or malformations of one or both ears,
  • Asymmetries of earlobes or ear cartilage.

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